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Post  +ghostskull on Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:01 pm

What are your aliases? List current and previous ones, if applicable.

Were you recommended by a Ks member to join this clan? If so, state their alias/s.
I was not recommended by a player.

Approximately, when did you start playing Tremulous?
end of 2007. (quit 5 months ago, but back)

What previous clans have you been in? What positions have you held?
[W]onderlands [(level 7 admin, second highest admin rights) American server]
FZ (Administrator)
HS (Clan Member

What is your age and gender?
16 years

Which Australian/New Zealand state are you playing from?
Victoria, Australia

Do you have a history of server bans for rule breaking (this includes for using cheats, malicious deconstruction, abuse, etc.)? If so, please list reasons and duration of bans as well as the server you were banned from.
I don't have a history of serve bans for cheats, malicious deconstruction, abuse, etc.

Why do you wish to join Ks?
The majority of HS joined to I wish to be in the same clan as my other clan mates.

How often do you play Tremulous per week (approx.)?
3-4 times a week (unless i have a lot or home or SACs, Tests, or any form of assessment)

What servers do you usually play on?

Will you be able to access Ventrilo (voice chat freeware)?
I will try to gain access.

When do you wish to be trialed?
1 of the following days:
Tuesday 20 September, Time: 1300hrs - 1600hrs
Friday 23 September, Time: 1530 - 1700hrs
Monday 25 September - Thursday 29 September, Time: 1100hrs - 1400hrs

Please include any additional information here (optional):
I have recently started playing again so i will be a bit rusty, but i am getting the hang of it.


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Post  +ghostskull on Sat Oct 08, 2011 4:55 pm

it has been a while since i posted my application for KS. i have not been trialed or been told anything by any of the admins here. please discard my application

no hard feeling



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Application +ghostskull - [Withdrawn] Empty Re: Application +ghostskull - [Withdrawn]

Post  Intergalactic on Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:40 pm

No worries. Sorry we didnt get back to you. Ive been pretty busy with uni lately so ive been inactive.


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